Viking Battalion


Welcome to the Lansdowne High School JROTC website. Here you can learn about the purpose and benefits of our program, stay updated on all of our events, hear first-hand accounts about JROTC from our cadets, and learn how to join our program.

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JROTC Mission

"To motivate young people to become better citizens."

Our purpose is NOT to recruit students into the military. The JROTC program is simply a course to promote leadership in the associated students and any who have made the decision to go into the military have done so by their own choice.

A Message from the SAI and AI

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Viking Battalion website.  This site is full of interesting information on cadet activities, a calendar of upcoming events, frequently asked questions that you may have pertaining to the program, and a photo gallery of recent events that the battalion has participated in. Over the past year we have had the pleasure of participating in many exciting and educational events, to include visits from ROTC representatives of both the University of Maryland and Hampton University.  We also had one of the most memorable Awards Banquets in the history of our program and several of our cadets participated and excelled in the Junior ROTC Cadet Leadership Camp (JCLC) held annually at Fort AP Hill, VA.  During the 2011-2012 school year we look forward to once again inviting guests from several colleges/universities within the local area to speak to our cadets on subjects varying from college ROTC, college life and their overall life experiences.  We also anticipate providing color guard support to various universities during both football and basketball season.

Glenn M. Cook

LTC(R), U.S. Army

Senior Army Instructor

Lansdowne High School

“Viking Battalion”


JROTC is an elevated pathway for introducing youth to maturity, goal orientation, scholastic excellence, constructive decision making, responsible leadership, and physical fitness. The thrust of the program focuses on teamwork, confidence building, knowledge enhancement, disciplinary accountability and civic participation. JROTC maintains a legacy of producing leaders with world-changing agendas.


The JROTC program does not, however, require students to sign up for military enlistment. It simply introduces cadets to the high expectations of work performance and productivity as well as the rigors of military protocol. Upon completion of the program, students are more self-motivated to accept challenges, use leadership strategies to solve problems, show adept ability to follow through on project tasks, and are more capable of exhibiting strong communication skills needed for succeeding in a work or higher learning environment.


Victor Vaughan

1SG (R) US Army

Army Instructor

Lansdowne High School

"Viking Battalion"

Number one, second to none. If the Vikings can't do it, it can't be done!